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Lukasz Kos Headshot, smiling under a classical barrel vault.

Lukasz Kos


Beautiful, Sustainable with Enduring Craftsmanship. 

KOS is a London-based interior design and architecture studio specializing in high finish bespoke solutions. Our global portfolio encompasses residential, hospitality, and commercial projects, each thoughtfully attuned to their cultural and physical context. By prioritizing sustainably-sourced materials, we demonstrate our commitment to crafting spaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also kind to our planet.

Our design philosophy blends contemporary design language and classic compositional sensibilities. Through a holistic approach, we strive to create spatial experiences that not only surprise and delight but also promote genuine well-being and connection. We transform spaces into sophisticated sensory experiences.

Guided by internationally-acclaimed architect Lukasz Kos, we work closely with both private and corporate clients to ensure that every project journey is smooth, transformative, and aligned with their aspirations down to the detail. At KOS, every collaboration is an exploration of potential, a balance of aesthetics and function, and a commitment to creating spaces that truly matter.


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More about KOS.

KOS crafts serene spaces that resonate with clarity and intention. In their work, design is not about embellishment but about distilling the essence of a space and material. Each endeavour by KOS is a meditation on form and material, a study in light and line for interior and architectural solutions. From the ethereal Cloud Villa in Shanghai, to the urban oasis of Cafe 27 in Beijing, and the Hotel Lafayette in New York's NoHo district, KOS's projects are a testament to their design philosophy.


At the heart of KOS's ethos is the art of reduction. It's about stripping away the superfluous, focusing on the essential, and celebrating the beauty of simplicity. In a world often overwhelmed by complexity, KOS offers spaces that breathe, that resonate with calm and clarity. Lukasz Kos, the Canadian architect behind this simplicity, has shaped a design language that values purity, authenticity, and intentionality.

CLOUD VILLA 01 - main stair.jpg



The Cloud Villa, set in a bustling suburb of Shanghai, is an embodiment of a dream, a space where the ethereal meets the tangible. It is not merely a home but a romantic interpretation of residential interior design, where light gracefully dances with line, crafting an oasis of serenity amidst the surrounding urban cacophony. This is not just an interior architecture; it's a meditation, a moment of reflection, capturing the very essence of distilled architectural solutions in its most unadulterated form.

The villa's central feature, an abstract cloud-like staircase, is a celebration of fluid movement through space. It stands as a testament to the harmonious balance of form and material reality, a sculptural masterpiece that divides the main entry from the expansive living space. This staircase, with its optimistic reinforcement of domesticity, evokes a sense of unencumbered, weightless living, a stark contrast to the restrictive bulk of chaotic urban sprawl just outside its walls.


The interior design journey of the Cloud Villa began with a challenge: to transform the interior architecture of a three-story villa, originally built in a highly ornamented pseudo-Rococo style to a visually and formally distilled serene contemplative holistic space. The result was a 30-foot-high vaulted central salon, seamlessly connecting the house’s two wings. This Venetian-plastered vault, with its double curvature, is a spatial marvel in itself. But perhaps the masterstroke is the elliptical floating stair that rises within this form. This stair, threading through the three levels, not only introduces natural light deep into the home but also establishes a visual connection between the recreational lower level and the villa’s upper floors.


The main living space, with its nearly 8 meters-high vaulted ceiling, bestows upon the villa a sacrosanct quality. Each room, whether it be the bedrooms, kitchen, gym, or theater, adheres to its own internal logic, yet all are intrinsically connected to this central stair and the encompassing open space.


The Cloud Villa's design excellence has been recognized and celebrated internationally. It was honoured with the coveted Best of Year Award by the prestigious Interior Design Magazine out of  New York. Its design narrative has been featured in esteemed publications such as Architectural Record, Object Magazine, Elle Decor, and Vogue.


CAFE 27 - 01.jpg


Cafe 27, situated in Beijing prestigious Lido Park, is more than just a culinary destination; it embodies healthy wellbeing as a sustainable interior design and architectural solution. It is a reflection on the modern urbanite dweller's need for a space that resonates sustainable aesthetics with healthy living. The cafe, a retrofit of an existing glass greenhouse, was reimagined as an inside-out garden pavilion, where the elements of a traditional garden find themselves encapsulated within a passively climate controlled greenhouse, all the while seamlessly connecting with the Lido Park promenade.

The architectural narrative of Cafe 27 is one of intention and detail. The prominent green-wall serves a dual purpose. It not only purifies Beijing's notoriously polluted air but also introduces a verdant aesthetic, a visual respite in the heart of the city. The ceramic tile bar, grand in its presence, anchors the interior, while the terrazzo flooring adds a touch of timelessness and permanence to the interior. This combination creates a thermal mass, ensuring the space remains warm during the winter months and cool during the hot Beijing Summers. Additionally, the exterior wood trellis plays a pivotal architectural role as it shades the glass structure, thus mitigating excessive heat gain, while creating a clear and recognizable architectural statement.

One cannot overlook the cafe's commitment to sustainability and ecological responsibility. The design choices, from the materials used to the passive heating and cooling strategies, not only reduce the cafe's carbon footprint but also elevate it's patron's experience. The experience of being ensconced in a lush nature, is further amplified by the pivoting doors that connect to the garden beyond, further blurring the boundaries between the architecture and garden.

Cafe 27's design excellence in sustainable interior design and architectural solutions has been featured recognized in the Mercedes Benz City Guide, Images Publishers out of Australia, and Architectural Digest. Furthermore, the cafe was a finalist in the esteemed Restaurant & Bar Design Awards in London and won the Hong Kong A&D Trophy for its commitment to sustainable design and innovation.

Lafayette_01.03.2018_V2 post production.jpg


In New York City, the design for Hotel Lafayette creates a dialogue between necessary architectural solutions and the urban context of the NoHo district the hotel is situated in. This 5-star boutique hotel, located on the iconic Lafayette Street, is not just a structure; it's a narrative of regular and irregular formal strategies that anchor the project both at street level and in the skyline.


The neighborhood, pulsating with architectural activity, boasts landmarks such as the Cooper Union Engineering building by Morphosis and Herzog & De Meuron’s 20 Bond Street luxury apartments. At the time of the hotel's conceptualization, the absence of a major hotel in this area presented an opportunity, a blank canvas for the developers to craft an experience that would resonate with the discerning urban traveler.


The site, characterized by its elongated corner lot, offered a unique challenge and an opportunity. It allowed for the creation of two distinct elevations, bestowing the hotel with a sense of urban scale and gravitas. The ground floor, with its regular rhythmic columns, emphasizes the interior design of the retail spaces and the hotel's lobby, restaurant, and bar. This traditional street-level elevation is a nod to the architectural heritage of the city, a bridge between the past and the present.

It is the hotel's second zone that creates an identifiable architecture. Conceived as a series of rectilinear gold ribbons, this zone sculpturally defines the hotel rooms. Clad in gold, these ribbons contrast the steady rhythm of the ground floor, creating an undulating façade that mirrors the dynamism of New York City. This design choice, where the tension between the stable and the dynamic is palpable, infuses the hotel with a sense of movement, a reflection of a city that never sleeps. The interior design journey of Hotel Lafayette was marked by a commitment to creating bold spaces reduced to essential materials infused with strong colour and material contrasts. 

For Lukasz Kos, tactile transcends the verbal; visual the written. It's about how a space feels, the emotions it evokes, the serenity it imparts. The studio's designs are not just visual masterpieces; they are experiences, environments that touch the soul. As KOS looks ahead, the vision is clear: to continue crafting spaces that speak the language of simplicity, that resonate with intention and purity. Lukasz envisions a future where interior design is not about adding, but about understanding, about capturing the essence of a space in its most authentic form.

  • What expertise does KOS provide its clients?
    Architectural Design Interior Architecture Interior Design Furniture Design Project Management Feasibility Studies Modern Methods of Construction First Principles Design Holistic Spatial Experiences
  • What project types does KOS specialize in?
    Although KOS welcomes all project typologies they specialize in bespoke interior design and architectural solutions. Our portfolio spans a range of projects from residential villas to commercial spaces and hospitality venues.
  • Why should I choose KOS for my interior design and architectural solutions needs?
    KOS combines international exposure with a keen design sensibility. Our diverse portfolio, recognition in the industry, and commitment to bespoke solutions make us a preferred choice for clients seeking unique and innovative designs.
  • How does KOS approach a new project?
    At KOS, we prioritize understanding the client's vision and requirements. Each project, whether residential or commercial, is approached with a fresh perspective, ensuring holistic bespoke solutions.
  • Can you provide examples of residential projects KOS has undertaken?
    Certainly! Some of our notable residential projects include the Cloud Villa, Treetop Apartment, Clear Lake Villa, 4Treehouse, Hamptons Villa, and the Villa for an Art Collector. Each project showcases our approach to interior design and architectural solutions being holistically integrated in a unified whole.
  • I'm looking for a unique restaurant design. Has KOS worked on restaurants?
    Yes, KOS has extensive experience in designing award winning restaurants. Some of our projects include Lido Park, Cafe 27, or Kun Whiskey Bar.
  • I've seen the Hotel Lafayette in your portfolio. Does KOS also design hospitality spaces?
    Yes, KOS has experience designing hospitality spaces both restaurants and hotels. View our award winning work on our projects page.
  • What office interiors has KOS completed?
    KOS has completed compelling client driven office interiors, these included: NWS MCB Law Offices, Freundschaft Advertising Agency, and the Somfy Shanghai HQ.
  • Has KOS been recognized in the press or received any awards?
    Indeed, our work has been featured in esteemed publications like Taschen, Thames & Hudson, or Architectural Record to name just a few. Interior Design Magazine in New York recognized our Cloud Villa with the esteemed Best Of Year Award.
  • How can I get in touch with KOS for a consultation?
    You can reach out to us through the contact form provided on our website. We're always eager to discuss new projects and explore how we can bring your vision to life.
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